Welcome to FandomClan

So, this was founded 14/07/2017. This is an ANIMAL JAM based clan, mixed with other game fandoms. At the moment, we have 2 fandoms currently active (BATIM & UT/UTAU), BUT FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST ANY OTHER FANDOMS YOU WANT TO BE PUT IN HERE. REALLY. We have a leader for each fandom, and the meeting place for that fandom group is at the leader's den. Of course, there are Co-leaders. These are just people that take charge of the fandom group. The founders of FandomClan are Kli725g11808/It'sTheSavageTaco and PikPok2/Anonymous. I don't know how to code. SO YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS:

  • Undertale/Undertale AU Leader: Kli725g11808/It'sTheSavageTaco    
  • Deputy: None
  • UT/UTAU Fandom Group: None
  • Bendy And The Ink Machine Leader: PikPok2/Anonymous
  • Deputy: None
  • BATIM Fandom Group: None